Channel Island Images
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Our island adventures with Island Packers began in 1968
. . . and we are just getting started. - Dan & Sue Harding, 2011

Channel Islands Underwater

Grab your snorkel! The best of the Channel Islands is underwater.

Adventures on Anacapa
Big things come in small packages! Anacapa is spectacular!

Santa Cruz Island

There is a lot of diversity to experience here. Plan several trips!

Outer Islands
Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel Islands can best be seen in late spring and summer when conditions allow for calm passage. True exploration out there!

Marine Mammals & Birds

You never know what is going to pop to the surface out in the Channel. Have your eyes and camera ready!

Ventura Harbor's
Parade of Lights

This is one of the best holiday light shows anywhere. What a treat!

If you would like to find out a little more about us and see more photo galleries (including unique Under & Above water shots, Santa Paula's Citrus Classic hot air balloons, Western states, Tropical, Tahoe salmon and Florida manatees) please visit our Pacific Images website. If one of the images you see here appeals to you, please contact me regarding your photo display needs and I will try to help you in any way possible. Some of my matted and framed work is available at the Island Packers Gift Shop. Dan H.
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